My name is Lily Max - two names joined together. One flowery, one strong. A mix-up of styles - like my fashion sense.

My style code is aim for I N D I V I D U A L I T Y. Put a bit of funky homemade with something new, chopped up and customized. Not everyone gets it. Like Miss Sprotts, our school secretary (she's approx 250 years old and possibly from Mars). I know she's pushing for a school uniform just because of Angelica, my little sister, me AND our outfits.

BUT in class today while discussing 'suitable topics', for the weekly TV news bulletin, Mr Younger (my cool as teacher) says.

'Lily Max you could write the style page.'

My jaw drops (about ten feet). A person taller than me (apart from mum and dad and granny), appreciates my fashion sense.

'I'd love to Mr Younger. You won't be disappointed.' I chew my pencil, then mouth the words: 'Let me Lily Max-imise your look on my - Style Files - fashion tips for the fashion forward, not the fashion backward...'

Then I fall back down to earth when, Violet Hughes (class goody good and all time suck up) pipes up. 'Do you really  think that's a good idea Mr Younger?' While she flashes her perfect white teeth and flicks her perfect white hair.

I just stare at Violet's blue running shoes and white sports socks, poking out of the bottom of her bootleg jeans. Sneeds. Say no more. Our eyes meet. Double evils.

I'm glad I wore my new combat harem pants and my steam punk boots. A style file queen has to mean business. It's a dog eat dog world out there in fashion land. Well more like a dog-chase-cat, but anyway...

Mr Younger turns on the Smartboard. Then Miss Sprotts chortles, 'good morning boys and gals. As you know the senior school ball is coming up. It is with the upmost excitement that I announce the theme for this year.' Then before she can her image goes all blurry. Eww she must have got spit on the camera lens again.

Oops she's back on. 'The theme is - Winter Wonderland. The very best dressed gal and boy will be crowned, Snow Queen and Snow King. There are real gemstones crowns to be won....'

(Sorry kids this is just a snippet. A teaser. Hopefully one day soon you can read all about it in - Lily Max Styles Files)


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