Yes! It's my book

In store Nov 2015

     'Great heavens, Lily Max, what on earth are you   wearing? That ensemble is OUTRAGEOUS!'

Zany fashionista Lily Max loves creating and wearing crazy clothes. But when she sets her heart on winning the Snow Queen crown at the school ball and embarks on her most ambitious design project yet, her arch-enemy Violet Hughes breaks all the rules to beat her…

Published by LuncheonSausageBooks.com Buy soon for the "competitively sliced price" of $22NZD + P&P 

**Full of twists and turns, this is a fun, dramatic novel for girls 8+ by Jane Bloomfield, with OUTRAGEOUS illustrations by Guy Fisher. If you like Guy's work - tell him yourself at ghee@squidsauce.com or contact jane directly -jane@lilymax.co.nz

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